Trademark Search & Federal Trademark Application Package


Trademark Search

Search All 50 States’ Trademark Databases

Search Common Law uses and Domain Names

Legal Trademark-Clearance Opinion

Up to 30 minutes Consultation with a Trademark Attorney Licensed to Practice before the USPTO

An Attorney Licensed to Practice before the USPTO will prepare and file your Trademark Application with the USPTO

We’ll Monitor and Report all Office Actions Received from the USPTO

At Axenfeld Law Group, we can help you protect your business’s trademarks. Our trademark-registration services are straightforward. And unlike self-service websites, our trademark-registration services are seamlessly managed by patent and trademark attorneys licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”).
Trademarks — i.e., your business’s names, words, slogans, symbols, logos, or combinations thereof — are the only intellectual assets which completely set your business apart from your competitors. Therefore, your business’s trademarks are arguably your most valuable business asset! So it is vital to consider federally registering your business’s trademarks to protect them.

Specifically, Axenfeld Law Group will:

  1. Conduct a complete trademark search before filing a trademark application to help you:
    • determine the availability of your trademark for registration.
    • Identify potential pitfalls, such as whether your candidate trademark, if adopted infringes another party’s trademark, and is an unreasonable liability risk.
  2. If after the search is performed, Axenfeld Law Group determines that your candidate trademark is likely registrable, then after our consultation and your authorization, Axenfeld Law Group will prepare and file your trademark application with the USPTO
  3. We will monitor your trademark application throughout the registration process.

The following Fees and Disbursements are not included:

USPTO Application Fee is of $250 or $350 per International Class. These fees must be paid before we file your trademark application.

More than one International Class (if any) will incur an additional $150 legal fee per International Class. Statement of Use Fees or Extensions for Intent-to-Use Applications. Fees associated for searching a logo plus a word mark will incur an additional $350 fee.

Fees associated with responding to Office Actions (if any), or the Trademark-Examining Attorney for the USPTO are not included, and are extra (see our responding to Office Actions services)

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Axenfeld Law Group’s trademark services are managed by a patent and trademark attorney licensed to practice before the United States Patent & Trademark Office (“USPTO”). So throughout the entire registration process you will work directly with an Axenfeld Law Group patent and trademark attorney. Below are our trademark registration service package in more details:


Axenfeld Law Group will first perform a trademark search to identify potential problems associated with your candidate trademark. The search will encompass the USPTO’s and all U.S. states’ trademark databases, common law, and domain name databases. The trademark search usually takes seven (7) business days to complete. After the search is complete, Axenfeld Law Group will analyze the search results, and issue a trademark-opinion letter, which is sent to you based on the search results. In addition, a phone consultation (up to 30 minutes) is scheduled with you to review the results and discuss options.

Trademark Application Filing

After our phone consultation, Axenfeld Law will prepare and file your trademark application for one international class of goods or services with the USPTO. The USPTO fee is $250 or $350 per international class. You must pay the filing fees, in full, before we file your trademark application with the USPTO. Additionally, Intent-to-Use applications filed under Section 1(b) of the Trademark Act will incur an extra legal fee of USPTO fee for filing a Statement of Use, or Extension to file a Statement of Use, which are also extra gov’t fees.

Monitor Your Trademark Application

After your trademark application is filed, Axenfeld Law Group will monitor any developments, and notify you of any Office Actions and deadlines to respond these Office Actions. After your trademark application is allowed for registration, Axenfeld Law Group will mail you the Certificate of Registration from the United States Patent & Trademark Office. Thereafter, you can engage Axenfeld Law Group for additional services, such as to help you police or license your trademark, and Maintenance Services.

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