Design Patent Application

A design patent safeguards the aesthetic features of an invention. For example, a design patent can protect the distinctive visual appearance of a product. If your product is susceptible to imitation by competitors, pursuing design patent protection may be a very valuable strategy.

At Axenfeld Law, our patent attorneys can assist you in evaluating various elements of your prototype or product that are eligible for design patent protection. We will meticulously draft and file a design patent application with a strategic approach to maximize the likelihood of enforcing your patent against potential copycat competitors who may attempt to infringe upon your unique design.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
Choose Axenfeld Law for your design patent needs and benefit from our expertise and commitment to protecting your intellectual property. By engaging our firm, you can have confidence in our ability to navigate the complexities of design-patent applications and secure the protection your invention (i.e., the ornamental features of your product) deserves.