Respond to a Trademark Office Action

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) may issue an Office Action refusing to register your trademark. Generally, you must respond to the Office Action within six (6) months from the date the Office Action was issued. If you fail to respond within the six-month period, the USPTO will declare your trademark application “abandoned” or “dead.” This means that your trademark application will not register, because the USPTO does not consider your trademark application pending.

At Axenfeld Law Group, we can help you timely respond to an Office Action issued by the USPTO on your behalf. For a flat fee — to be determined based on the complexity of the Office Action — an attorney from Axenfeld Law Group who is licensed to practice before the USPTO will prepare and file a response to the Office Action addressing each refusal and/or requirement stated in the Office Action to help you overcome all refusals and/or satisfy all requirements to help place your application in the best condition for the USPTO to approve your trademark application for publication in the Official Gazette.

Respond to Trademark Office Action

Axenfeld Law is appointed Attorney of Record

Draft Response to Office Action including Legal Arguments

Monitor Application After Office Action is filed

Don’t delay, there’s a six-month deadline to respond to your Office Action

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