Working with Axenfeld Law Group FAQ

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If I’m not located in the Philadelphia or NYC area, can I work with a patent or trademark attorney at Axenfeld Law Group?

Yes. Because Axenfeld’s patent and trademark attorneys are licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office, we can help you prepare, file, and prosecute patent and trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office regardless of where you reside.
In fact, Axenfeld Law Group regularly works with clients across the country, and internationally. We find that communicating by phone and email is efficient. However, if requested, we are happy to talk to you via Skype™ or FaceTime.
Of course, if you’d like to meet with us in person in our offices in Philadelphia, or New York City, we’re more than happy to do so by appointment. So, please don’t be dissuaded from working with us if you’re not near Philadelphia or New York City.

How does Axenfeld Law charge for legal services?

Axenfeld Law Group has found that our clients appreciate different payment options for legal services. Here are the payment options we currently make available to our clients:

Fixed-Billing Arrangement – Axenfeld Law Group offers fixed-billing rates (i.e., flat rates) for defined projects, such as preparing and filing patent applications and trademark applications. We are able to provide flat rates based on our estimated time for handling the matter as well as anticipated costs. The fixed fee includes all time on the matter including emails, calls, and meetings. There are no hidden fees, and no extra charges for communicating with us regarding the project.

Standard-Hourly Fees – We offer standard hourly rates for matters in which it’s difficult to fully estimate how much time will be involved at the outset such as on litigation matters.

Block Hourly Billing – Clients may purchase a discounted-rate of a block of hours, each month or at the beginning of a year. Axenfeld Law Group will then bill those blocks of hours at the discounted rate. The more hours a client pays for upfront, the more discount we’re able to offer.

Payment Plans – For certain startup clients and those with financial needs, we may choose to accept an upfront payment, with the balance paid off in monthly installments over a predetermined period.
Axenfeld Law Group accepts all major credit cards.

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