Patent Services

Axenfeld Law Patent ServicesInnovation differentiates one competitor from the next. In a global-informational society in which an idea is instantly copied, it is essential to protect your most valuable intellectual assets — your innovations — to achieve a competitive advantage.

At Axenfeld Law Group, we help you identify your patentable inventions, and then work with you, to devise strategies to protect these intellectual assets through patent protection.

Specifically, Axenfeld Law Group prepares, files, and prosecutes patent applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and internationally. We file and prosecute patent applications in most industries including:

• medical devices and systems
• mechanical devices
• aerospace
• electrical and computer technologies
• apparel
• veterinary devices
• sports equipment
• toys
• processes
• materials
• software
• communications
• ornamental designs

We work with each client to understand their business goals, before we file for patent protection. We then strive to obtain patent protection that is most closely aligned with each client’s business goals and budget, to help each client achieve a competitive advantage in the market place.
Because the U.S. Patent System is a first-to-file system, avoid delay and seek patent counsel. Contact Axenfeld Law Group today.