New York City Patent Attorney

New York City Patent Trademark Attorney & Law Firm

Searching for the best patent attorney or trademark attorney in the New York City (NYC) area?

At Axenfeld Law Group, LLC, we have an innovative team of patent and trademark attorneys prepared to help protect your intellectual property from our New York office, and help solve your patent, trademark, copyright, and intellectual property issues in an efficient manner.

Axenfeld Law Group’s patent and trademark attorneys provide patent-prosecution counseling to a diverse group of inventors, small-business owners, and large companies located in NYC, and across the country. Axenfeld Law Group also offers convenient video conferencing from the comfort of your own office, or home.

Axenfeld Law Group’s competencies also including assisting clients across many different industries, including advertising, fashion and design, cosmetic, restaurant and beverage companies, and entertainment services.

For instance, our New York practice helps clients involved in digital advertising and the internet, clothing and apparel, cosmetics, restaurants, and spirits. Our New York practice assists clients protect their innovative products, services and brands through trademarks, patents, and copyrights, and navigate against third-party claims of liability by competitors.

NYC, and more particularly Manhattan, is home to over one million businesses, and some of the largest companies in the world. The foundation for most of these businesses is their intellectual property, as showcased by thousands of patents issued to inventors and businesses, and registered trademark owners based in NYC.

Our NYC Office is actively engaged in protecting our client’s intellectual property through patents, trademarks, and copyrights. At Axenfeld Law Group, we take pride in offering innovative intellectual-property law solutions, to drive value to our clients. Our New York office is geared to help your New York business succeed. For more information about our innovative federal patent, trademark or copyright services, please Click here to contact Axenfeld Law Group, LLC.