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What distinguishes the best New York City patent and trademark attorneys?

To be the best or among the very best trademark law firms you must have experience along with a proven track record and know the needs of your city and it’s heritage. Manhattan is known for its financial, entertainment, media, and cultural. It’s also the center of two of the largest stock exchanges and gets featured in different forms of entertainment such as movies, books and TV shows on a regular basis. Axenfeld can think of no other city that thrives on clients only wanting the best and need the patent and trademark legal work achieved in a timely manner. When you live or work in New York City often have the luxury working with the best of any professional from medicine to law. People from all over the world want to go to New York City and see attractions such as the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty. They also want to have the prestigious address of New York City associated with their brand name and company. One of the most influential centers in the world is Wall Street which is located in the lower section of Manhattan. The city is known for having huge skyscrapers and has held many records for having the tallest infrastructure in the world. In those buildings are many business owners searching for the best way to protect their ideas and businesses they have worked so hard to create. That is where the need for patent and trademark attorneys is fueled.

Axenfeld Law Services New York City for Patent and Trademark Legal Support

Most of our Philadelphia and New York City patent and trademark attorneys are inventors, entrepreneurs, and business owners. Many have decades of experience working in-house for major pharma or communication-information companies.

So with this background in mind, Axenfeld’s intellectual-property attorneys tackle each of our client’s challenges as if they are our own regardless of whether our client is an individual, an entrepreneur, a start-up, a small business, or an established company. In addition, Axenfeld Law Group treats all clients with the utmost care and respect.

We offer flat-fee billing for many of our New York City patent and trademark services to remove the uncertainty with the cost of legal services whenever possible. Learn more about our attorneys.