Business & Investment Immigration

In today’s global and highly technical economy, talent can be found from all corners of the world. However, any business looking to employ a foreign national must ensure that their employee is authorized to work in the United States or risk running afoul of US immigration laws.

Some foreign nationals, particularly those that are highly experienced, educated, or resourced, can sponsor their own visa and work authorizations, but in most cases, it is the employer’s responsibility to petition the US government for immigration status on behalf of their employees.

The US business immigration system is immensely complex and time sensitive, requiring certifications from numerous federal agencies. A successful immigration strategy requires careful, long-term planning. Axenfeld Law can help shepherd any interested employer or qualified employee through this process attentively and efficiently.

First, our experienced lawyers will counsel you on identifying which visas best suits the needs of your business, your workers, and your workers’ families. The US offers a huge variety of visa and immigration options, each with different benefits, disadvantages, processing times, and approval rates. Whether it’s an H-1B, an L-1, a TN, an O, an E-1/E-2, an E-3, an EB-1, an EB-2 with National Interest Waiver, an EB-3, or an EB-5, choosing the right visa, or sequence of visas, can mean the difference between a few years of work authorization and a lifetime of permanent residency.

Next, Axenfeld Law will work with you to prepare and file the best immigration petition possible, one that tells the government your story effectively and with convincing evidence of your qualifications. For visa categories that require a recruitment process supervised and certified by the US Department of Labor, we will advise you every step of the way. We will then monitor your petition until it receives a final determination by US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Increasingly, the US government is challenging valid immigration petitions with intimidating and time-consuming requests for additional evidence. Axenfeld Law can help prepare formal responses to these disputes and advance your case before the federal authorities.

Applying for an employment-based visa or green card is fraught with hidden pitfalls and arcane bureaucratic requirements. Let Axenfeld Law help you with your immigration needs so that your valuable time can be better spent with your business.