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Axenfeld Law Group is dedicated exclusively to the procurement, monetization, and enforcement of intellectual property. Axenfeld Law Group LLC’s practice areas encompass:

  • patents
  • trademarks
  • copyrights
  • trade secrets
  • unfair competition
  • licensing
  • internet disputes
  • intellectual-property litigation in federal and state courts, and before administrative agencies.

We also understand business, technology, and science. We understand that business success turns on innovation, and the importance of using patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other forms of intellectual property to protect a business’s innovations.

All of our professionals are intellectual-property experts. Many have technical backgrounds in engineering or science. Some also have advanced degrees in science, and trial advocacy.

So whether you’re seeking to protect your innovations, or are involved in an intellectual dispute, you can rely on us to deliver outstanding-legal services in a cost-effective manner.

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