IP-Business Services

Axenfeld Law Group helps our clients seamlessly couple their investments in intellectual-property assets with their business objectives and operations. Axenfeld Law Group strives to tailor our legal counseling solutions to each of our client’s individual goals. First and foremost, we do this by intimately understanding our clients’ business and goals. Then we implement a plan that fits our clients’ goals, budget, and expectations. We recognize that most our clients’ goals is to fundamentally increase business value through IP-asset investment, while minimizing legal exposure to competitors, third parties, and customers. To achieve these goals, we offer a suite of business-legal services with an emphasis on leveraging intellectual property, including:

Business Transactions:

We help our clients negotiate and draft licensing agreements (patent, trademark, copyright, know-how, and mixed IP agreements), confidentiality agreements, joint ventures, software as a service agreements, e-commerce and internet related agreements, and distribution and manufacturing agreements. While counseling our clients engaged in any business transaction, we strive to protect their business assets.

Corporate Formation:

We help our clients organize limited liability companies and other for-profit organizations. Axenfeld Law helps business minimize liability exposure by putting in place procedures to help reduce conflicts with third-party IP owners.

Intellectual Property Audits:

Many IP assets go unrecognized by its owners. At Axenfeld Law Group, we help new clients and current clients identify their IP assets, and decide how best to protect and maximize the value of these intellectual-property assets, whether they be patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, or other IP assets.