Startups, Incorporation, LLC Organization

There are many complicated factors to consider as you begin your new venture. For example, you may want to consider how to structure the company, equity and ownership, voting rights, investor relations issues, exit strategies, current market trends, legal landscape, etc. At the same time, you may also deal with creating an equity award pool (stock options, restricted stocks, stock appreciation rights, profit sharing, etc.). For companies coming from overseas, you may also consider whether to incorporate a new entity or to open a branch office, and depending on the choice, you may need to navigate the different corporate and management structures. In some industries, regulatory compliance issues loom large at this stage. And especially for companies, investors, inventors, and entrepreneurs, in this new economy of tech startups and e-commerce, the treatment and ownership structure of intellectual property is of paramount importance. Axenfeld lawyers can help you navigate through these complex issues and help you to succeed.