Life Sciences, Biotech, & Tech Companies

Tech companies—whether in software or hardware, biotech, or life sciences—face unique challenges, from fast-moving targets, hyper competition, complex intellectual properties issues, to ever-changing legal needs. In today’s economy, the interplay between a company’s intellectual properties needs and corporate needs becomes ever more important.

For example, heightened competition gives rise to a greater need to deal with employee and executive turnover. Safeguarding your trade secrets, which are often the core of your business, is of paramount concern at such times. It also means your business has to keep up with changing practices and standards, both in terms of what your employees, vendors, and customers expect from your business and in the way that these changes bring on different challenges related to your intellectual property protections and uses.

Tech companies are also exposed to unique intellectual property issues during investment rounds. Whether you are an investor or a target company, It reviewing and updating your technology, trade secret, and other intellectual property holdings is crucial for attracting investors, talents, and customers to your business.

As legal advisors who can provide you with comprehensive intellectual property services and corporate/business issues, Axenfeld can help you see the whole picture while also focusing on the immediate needs of the business.