Foreign Businesses Doing Business in the United States

Foreign businesses seek to do business in United States for many reasons, including access to a large consumer market, talent pool, favorable regulatory regime, or leadership in a specific sector in technological and market advancement. Many such foreign companies, when they first arrive on the shores of the United States, are ill-equipped to do business here. Some reasons why may include differences in business culture, management philosophy or legal landscape, employee talent pool, expectations of employees and executives, and compensation structures, or just simply, the different languages and cultures of executives sent here from the home country. Our lawyers have extensive experience and a successful record in advising foreign businesses entering the United States, whether they are portfolio companies of large conglomerates, newly formed ventured-backed companies, venture capital and private equity funds, family offices seeking to purchase businesses here in the United States, or business opening a branch office or subsidiary company to expand their footprint. 

Please see the following article for further discussions on what to consider before doing business in the United States.